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Touchsafe Pro from Aid Call

The Touchsafe Pro is a truly wireless nurse call solution. Its wireless configuration allows for complete flexibility and extended product life. Without having to rely on cables and stationary wiring points, installation is quick, undisruptive and is specific to each site. The system can facilitate individual requirements, can adapt to change and can be added to over time. 

Aid Call Nurse Call Systems

The Touchsafe Pro tracks and records all call information. Details of outgoing calls are stored, including call location and response time, to provide a comprehensive insight into staff activity and performance. Personalised nurse profiles mean staff can be identified by name to further improve accountability. With a storing capacity of twenty-five years, this protects you and your staff and is an invaluable audit tool.

The ‘Next Call Waiting’ feature allows staff to see the next priority call in their area from any call point. This improves response times by preventing unnecessary journeys back to the control panel. It also allows staff to arrive at their next call armed with the information and equipment to deal with it immediately.
User-friendly touchscreens increase the depth of information available to both staff and management. With many more features and benefits to explore, touchscreens enable users to manoeuvre through the system increasingly easily and therefore allow more complex features to be utilised.

The Touchsafe Pro also offers a unique bed status monitoring facility. Staff can update the status of a bed/room using the call point; indicating whether it is occupied, available or to be cleaned. The status of all beds can then be viewed from the main control panel. This directs the necessary services to the beds that need cleaning and allows staff to instantly see how many beds are available without having to leave the nurses station.