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Touchsafe Pro Features

New to the market in the summer of 2015, the Touchsafe Pro has been designed to heighten staff productivity and better coordinate call responses in order to facilitate more efficient, person-centred care.

This new range has been created in abidance with the guidelines laid out within the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 08-03) and is consequentially fully HTM compliant. These guidelines outline the desired standards and best practice for healthcare technologies in order to enhance levels of care.

A strong and dependable wireless connection is permanently maintained by utilising self-healing XBee mesh network technology and dynamic call routing. This ensures the system automatically finds the fastest and most reliable path to send data and ensures that all calls are registered.  A reassurance light on the call point will always indicate to the user that their call has been acknowledged. For security, both tamper and low battery alerts ensure the system works to its full potential at all times.

The system is available in various configurations in order to fulfil the needs of each individual site. Call points with dedicated emergency or cardiac pull stops were designed to improve response times in life-critical environments. Pull cords are available for use in bathrooms or toilets, pear push leads for users whose dexterity is limited and the Touchsafe Pro pendant can be configured to enable greater mobility and independence.

The Touchsafe Pro is also compatible with an extensive range of assistive devices to help improve the communication between staff and the patients or residents in their care. Wireless telecare solutions provide support for users with more complex needs; allowing for preventative, as well as reactive, care. For instance, offering prominent falls management and supporting dementia care.

Other optional additions include: