Top Tips to Make Your Commercial Building More Secure

The last thing you want to see when you arrive for work in the morning is missing equipment or a trashed workplace. Vandalism and theft are always a threat to a physical location and an important aspect of owning a commercial building, whether a warehouse, shop, or industrial site, is security. And a safe working environment attracts new tenants to the building and retains existing ones.

If you want to make the right choice, you should research what security you need and how important each feature is to you in terms of return on investment. To install a foolproof security system for your commercial building, it’s prudent to research and consult security experts, such as Logic Alarms, before buying any security equipment.


What To Consider

Assess your risk levels — here are ten areas to check which will provide some questions that you’ll need to ask to be confident in making the right decision.

  1. Do you have lots of valuable equipment or stock? Do you handle cash? Are your premises in a high-risk area?
  2. Do you know your insurer’s requirements? Do you know if they have requirements about the type of alarm system or locks you must use?
  3. Are there areas of your premises that are hidden or dark? Are all your doors and windows always visible? Do you have external lighting?
  4. Do you need CCTV? Do you want CCTV? If you have CCTV, is your supplier aware of data protection laws? Does it cover dark areas?
  5. Do you have appropriate locks on your doors and windows? Should you consider grilles or shutters? Do you need any planning permission?
  6. Who has a set of keys and what are your security procedures? Who is responsible for opening and locking up?
  7. Do you need to control access to your premises? Do you have staff who work alone and how are they protected? Do you have panic buttons? Can you always see everywhere on your premises?
  8. Do you have valuable items like laptops or tablets? Do you make sure that they’re out of sight? Have you security-marked them? Do you lock them away every day when you close?
  9. Are your emergency escape routes accessible? Do you carry out regular inspections to check the security of your access points?
  10. Are your staff trained in your security procedures? Do you have security procedures? Do your staff know how to deal with emergencies?

Once you have answered these questions, you can consider whether CCTV, intruder alarms, an access control system or all three of these solutions would be suitable for you.


Access Control Systems

Access to workstations in commercial buildings should be limited to authorised staff. Managers will use this tactic to protect sensitive company information and assets from cyberattacks and internal sabotage. During induction training, staff should learn how to use access control systems and what security risks are present in the building.     

Access control relies on the systems’ credentials to permit users to enter and exit the buildings. It also enables you to shepherd users’ activities, such as access to office space or workstations while in the building.

Look for keyless entry systems to easily track building access throughout the day. Keyless access control systems make it easy to add and remove employees from restricted access points. Enable user permissions in your corporate building to deny individuals access to specific sections. Some buildings use biometric access control systems that can identify people using fingerprint or facial recognition. No matter how you choose to implement access control technology, you will see an increase in building security.

From a single door system to a multi-access point PC managed system, Logic Alarm Systems are NSI Gold approved to design, install and maintain a system across Scotland and tailored to your exact requirements.


Cameras & Video Surveillance 

You must always keep an eye on your people and assets to ensure security. CCTV cameras can monitor and track activity in commercial buildings in real-time. They help security teams be proactive in executing security operations rather than reacting to security breaches.

Digital video surveillance not only increases the security of your building but also gives you evidence when you need it. Invest in a clear high-definition digital video surveillance system to deter criminals from stealing, vandalising, or entering restricted areas. Most digital video surveillance systems are mobile accessible, giving business owners peace of mind that they can always monitor the security of their building.

CCTV helps eliminate blind spots in commercial buildings and captures high-quality footage from events. Additionally, cameras and video surveillance allow you to record and save the footage for future reference. However, installing cameras is a challenging task that requires the combined efforts of security professionals and IT technicians. Our engineers have received training from one of Europe’s largest CCTV distributors enabling efficient installation and maintenance of any CCTV system in the Inverness area and across Scotland.


Intruder Alarm Systems

Commercial building users need to feel safe when conducting their business. For that reason, managers must provide ways to communicate emergency events to safeguard persons and assets in commercial buildings.

Alarm systems are useful tools for detecting and reporting break-ins or intrusions into commercial buildings. Security teams can respond to sirens and provide necessary assistance to users and property within the building. Monitored alarm systems are the first choice for commercial buildings because they continuously monitor the safety of your building. These systems will trigger an alert or notify you when a security breach occurs.

These systems may vary depending on your building’s needs, but most can call a security firm or the police when an intruder is detected. Installing a monitored siren can act as a protective shield for the safety of your business premises. Any signs of unusual movement around doors and windows are reported to you immediately.


At Logic Alarms, each system is designed by our vastly experienced team with your specific and individual needs in mind. With various signalling options on offer, there is always a solution. With the advancement of I.P. and cloud technology, you even have the ability to control your security system wherever you are in the world by using your smartphone. Contact us to find out how we can help you protect your commercial property.

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